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  • Date of Birth: 1993
  • Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Color: Bay (brown with black mane and tail)
  • Markings: Star and narrow stripe on face, sock on left hind leg


Skye is graceful and self-contained. She won $175,000 on the track as Clear Skies and then birthed three foals, one of whom died, prior to her arrival at The Flag Foundation. Skye came to us in 2006, at age 12, when she was eight months pregnant with her fourth foal.

She and her (also pregnant) friend Starr were sent to auction by a prominent California breeder who wanted to reduce the size of his herd. They were not purchased at the auction and were likely headed for slaughter. We were contacted by a southern California rescue that knew we were just beginning to accept horses. We were thrilled to receive them. In April 2006 Skye gave birth to a filly, whom we named Summer Skye (aka Summer). Today Skye and Summer are so closely colored, shaped and marked that they are difficult to tell apart.