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A New Kind of Partnership


Restoring Respect and Understanding

Today more than 100,000 horses in the continental U.S. are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico each year. Why?

  • Quarter horses – the largest number killed each year are raced, rodeo-d and shown as money-generating commodities and discarded when no longer profitable.
  • Thoroughbreds are bred in high numbers to chase low odds Triple Crown dreams.
  • Draft and other horses are impregnated, confined and catheterized by pharmaceutical companies to make estrogen therapies for women culled from Pregnant Mare Urine. 
  • Pressured by oil, gas and ranching interests, Mustangs are culled from our western lands by the U.S. government and secretly sent to slaughter.  
  • Show horses and polo ponies become injured without provision to care for them for life and are discarded for the next horse to carry its owner to victories. Injuries keep these horses from performing so they are considered worthless. It’s cheaper to slaughter than to humanely euthanize.
  • People who take in horses to love and care for them but face financial hardship and often discard them from fear of running out of money long before they actually do.
  • The suburbanization of ranch lands.
  • The transformation of barns in wealthy communities into guest houses and tennis courts.
  • And especially in Northern California, grazing lands succumbing to grapes, moving horses farther and farther to the edges of civilization.

Ironically it was horses, along with man, who built our civilization, hoof print by footprint.

 At Flag Ranch, our mission is to tell our horses' stories and offer people the face-to-face experience of horses (and other animals) as sentient beings, worthy of our respect, consideration and care. Our aim, along with the work of many, many others in America and around the world, is to restore horses as the true partners they continue to be in human development – though now of a subtler kind – and as the important members of planet Earth that they’ve always been.

At the root of all human ills is our disconnection from self and the natural world. Horses lead us back.
— Kimberly Carlisle, Co-Founder of Flag Ranch

We also encourage you to support the work of other courageous organizations who advocate for our fellow species and Mother Earth.