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A Portal to Another World

Our vistas span 360 degrees over gently rolling rain-fed grasslands. The land is wide open to the sky and warm breezes from the west steadily blow. 

The area has a rich Gold Rush and sadly tragic Native American history, but our land is chocked full of rose quartz which holds a high vibration for love, heart-opening and easing transition. We believe the sacred work we are offering will also help heal and balance the region.

Being with the herd, seeing them free and in their natural environment, swells my heart to the moon.
— Buffie Francisco

Originally part of a Huntington-owned tract of land with an original Victorian farmhouse built in the 1890s by Crockers, we purchased the ranch from from a local family who had owned it for more than 100 years. Its one of the last untouched old California ranches.

We are deeply honored to steward this land. With charitable partners, we plan to acquire more surrounding acreage and to conserve its use for horses in perpetuity.


Ranch Wish List

MUSTANG MARES & FOALS: $2,500. Covers adoption fees, transport and fencing upgrade to their protective and gentling paddocks.

ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE: $12,000. For easy scouting of our acreage and quick access to a horse in need.

FENCING: $10,000. Get a running start on a serious redo. Goal: Eradicate barbwire! Total estimate to re-fence perimeter and all pastures and paddocks: $80,000.

EXTEND WATER AND ELECTRICITY TO BARNS: $4,500. Will allow us to set up auto-fill water troughs and have light and power available for night-time emergency or care. COMPLETED! THANK YOU.