Flag Ranch
Horse & Human Sanctuary



Immerse with the Herd

Awaken to a Life Beyond

Time spent with horses on the land invites us to pause, quiet, breathe, center and open. From this space, our perspective shifts, our vision expands, and new insights and ideas emerge.

Interactions with and observations of the herd – as they live and move together on the land – invite us also to consider the subtler skills of intuition, non-verbal communication, emotional and body intelligence – all of which are innate to horses – and support our living a more creative and self-directed life.


A horse [offers]…
an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.
— Beryl Markham

Facilitated Experiences


We are deeply honored to be a host site for SheHerdPower.

Please contact SheHerdPower directly for more information.

Other Facilitated Experiences

For a few sacred days and weekends each year, we offer facilitated experiences for small groups tailored to specific arts like writing, painting or photography. Other sessions will consider more broadly the questions of Who is Self?  And, What is Creative Living? Certain sessions, like Reiki for Horses, will enhance our knowledge of equine care.

Day sessions at Flag Ranch usually run from 9:30 to 4 unless stated otherwise in the calendar description. Visits to Flag Ranch can be a lovely one-day excursion from the Bay area or Sacramento or be the centerpiece of an overnight getaway in one of our historic nearby towns. 

View our Calendar of Experiences hereContact us to express your interest or add yourself to our email list.


Work/Exchange Retreats

In the Spring and Fall, we offer work exchange days at Flag Ranch for a small group of people on a first-to-sign-up basis. We have a beautiful old range that needs work and we have a herd ready to welcome you for a leisurely visit. In exchange for a morning’s work around the ranch, you can spend the afternoon out in the pastures with the herd. Bring your own food and water. 

See our calendar for the dates of our Work Exchange days. Contact us to sign up for a specific day or add yourself to our email list.