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  • Date of Birth: 1996
  • Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Color: Dark Bay (Smoky black/brown with black mane and tail)
  • Markings: Small star and light caramel muzzle; “40” brand on rightflank


Cinderella is quiet, alert, sassy and ready for friendship. She looks like Black Beauty with a chocolate hue. Cinderella was originally bred for the track but never raced. She was sent out as a brood mare but could not conceive. She was adopted and nursed back to health by a Hollywood director and his wife after she was badly injured in a trailer accident. They soon realize that the rugged riding terrain of the Santa Monica Mountains wasn’t for her so they sent her to The Flag Foundation in 2006.

A Cinderella story.

Seriously, Cinderella arrived as named.