Flag Ranch
Horse & Human Sanctuary

Where time melts

Where time melts


Freedom. Renewal. Discovery.

Are you called to a deeper life? Do you sense possibility beyond what you can see? Does the natural world speak to you? Do you yearn to still time and reset your compass?

Flag Ranch offers a safe place to pause in open spaciousness. Where human time dissolves into the natural rhythms of the animals and the earth. A place where your creativity and self-expression are inspired, and your union with the land, the animals, and soon yourself, are restored. And where you are watched over and accompanied by our magnificent herd of horses that wander freely across the range, and you are held gently inside the deep wisdom of our 33-year old elder, Flag.

"I found God among the horses. They showed me a spiritual dimension does indeed exist every time I set foot in their midst.“
– Michelle Taylor Shutzer, in memoriam

Come spend some time with us to renew, create and explore among our very special horses who have each lived their own unique story of transformation.