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Living a Natural Life

They’ve come from equine sports ranging from racing to polo. They’ve been cast off by Thoroughbred breeders and had their urine captured by pharmaceutical producers to make Premarin and Prempro – estrogen therapies for women. They’ve come out of the Western ranges as the U.S. government steadily and secretly eliminates our wild Mustangs. Each horse represents a plight occurring somewhere in our nation today which is sending hundreds of thousands of horses to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico each year.

Most of our horses would have ended up there, too, except for thoughtful placement and sometimes heroic rescue by someone who loved them. They range in age from 6 months to 27, and include mares, geldings, three mother/daughter pairs and two Mustang mare/colt pairs. Together they’ve formed a beautiful weave of interdependence, individual expression and distinct and profound bonds, examples for us all. They live as a natural herd, grazing our 90 acres at liberty. Together with our charitable partners, we offer them sanctuary for life.

If you have come to rescue us, do not waste your time.
If you have come for mutual liberation, let us begin.
— Aboriginal Woman

For our horses care, we facilitate love, natural movement, healthy nutrition, acupressure, Reiki and other complementary therapies, homeopathic and herbal support, barefoot trimming, non-sedation/no-drill dentistry, and medical intervention only when needed. We ask them to support and care for each other, too, all of which makes for a healthy horse community. Ours is a model of how many horses can be cared for with the same resources usually invested in only a few.